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I've worked on a number of communications campaigns from great to small.. Having a large audience and lots of information to share can cause problems if not planned and organized. Having a poorly planned campaign can cause information fatigue resulting in a less engaged audience, important information or your company name should never end in the trash bin before it's viewed. The ability of the reader easily scan the information that is relative to them is very important in this noisy fast paced world. Using all the tools together effectively gets that information to the audience.


With any strategy it's important to know the landscape and it's inhabitants. It's hard to sell sandals in the tundra. Having the data at hand has helped me understand the audience needs and interest to develop a 360  degree plan. 


Good formatting and a clear, a well thought subject and concise message is imperative for a successful email campaign,  Click on the links below for some sample email templates.


Just like and email campaign, having a newsletter that has clean formatting, is well organized and interesting can provide much information effectively. Done correctly the audience will look forward to reading it rather than thinking of it as just some more spam.

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